To say I want to hide under a rock for a few months is an understatement.  My anxiety is through the roof and manifesting into night panics, which I havent had for years.

Stress is such a soul destroyer. We all know that stress triggers our deepest, darkest sides when it comes to mental illness. We become even more fragile, distant and anxious. The overwhelm of everyday tasks becomes too much and we sink into ourselves. Always wishing it would just go away.

The past few months have been a slow decline for me. The stress of that job from hell, sorting out a wedding on my own, house alterations including a new kitchen and currently lack of a bathroom and these are the biggies. I have another million little things going on that add to the load. And there you have it…overwhelm central.  Where even the smallest tasks now seem mammoth. The everyday tasks get put to oneside and the anxiety mounts up.

I am in over my head and my hubby to be is away for 2 weeks so I don’t have the luxury of passing on tasks to him.

Now instead of crawling under that rock that I suggested earlier I am going to face this head on. Metaphorically my bucket is full (of stress) there is no more room so if other things start to happen like… oh I don’t know, the tiler for my bathroom has double booked (which has happened) it will over flow and leakage of those nasty emotions is imminent.  UNLESS I poke a hole in the bucket so the stress can gently trickle out leaving a nice empty basket  (stress free).

You may all think I have lost it but there is such a huge significance with this bucket metaphor. The hole is you taking time out for you. It’s learning that when the bucket is going to over flow you need to step back, punch a dam hole in that thing and take some time for you. Eventually you’ll be able to notice the bucket filling and you’ll know instinctively tat you need to find your happy place.

Self care is important, in fact its necessary to live a happy life. We make too many excuses, we don’t hold ourselves accountable and we recognise overwhelm till its too late.

I am learning everyday. Everytime I learn something new you ladies are the first to know.

Remember ladies…check your buckets!! Find ways to de stress and find time for you.

I am doing a live on Tuesday in my group


We will be talking about overwhelm and how to stop it in its tracks.

Have a wonderful day

Abby x