What is your MESSAGE?

Sounds an easy question right? But my god its not.

I talk to women everyday who are adamant that they are sending out the right message to their clients but after further investigation they realise that their message is actually very confusing and doesn’t show their ideal clients what they are about.

I always say your message is your calling card so if you are sending out mixed vibes clients will become confused and seek another that is more focused on their message.

Your message is where every coach should begin…

When you begin to think outside the box you get excited about finally doing something that makes your heart sing, you throw caution to wind and you dive in head first. You begin to research like a mad women. Being the model student and learning everything you can about funnels, sales pitches, webinars, websites, Facebook ads, blog posts and so much more. Within the first week of trying to start your business you become completely overwhelmed and then self doubt gets you by the short and curlies. This only gets worse. You have your business vision firmly in your head but because the overwhelm has been so intense you begin to doubt your idea. You stop taking action and you begin to self sabotage. Slowly but surely your dream of helping women starts to feel like the most impossible thing in the world. You begin to look outwardly. You wonder why every other female coach is smashing it within their business – what did you do wrong?

Frustration and overwhelm make themselves at home and you start to question everything you first thought was totally possible.

My mission is to stop this from happening!

Why should you have to go through this when there is much easier way to begin a business. The only secret about this is that no one is telling you what to do first. Like a good story you have to capture the attention if your potential readers. Some say the cover will do this but I don’t believe so. I delve into the first page and if I am hooked I will read the book. This is the same as your message. If a client can see that you are going to help them achieve something they are struggling with then they are much more likely to choose you, this with the fact that you are making yourself known by shouting your message and always giving value, you will be a shoe in.

How can I help you craft your message?

After much deliberation, research and learning myself, I decided that having a bite sized coaching offering would help SO many women out of the rut that they find themselves in. All because they didn’t know that having a crystal clear message is the first step to success. Without this all important piece of this GIGANTIC puzzle you will always feel stuck. ALWAYS!

So how does it work?

Lets talk money first…I like this bit because it shows me you are ready to make your business happen. I am offering this AWESOME 1:1 coaching for just £99. Crazy right? So let me get this straight so you know the deal. I am going to look at your social standing. I want to get a feel of your vibe in the universe and how you hold yourself accountable within social media. Having an online business will give you freedom but you have to make a GREAT impression to your potential clients before you see this within your business. I will then take a look at your website and any other social platforms you show up on.

We will then look at your current message you are sending out to your beautiful client. This is where the magic happens. I will show you where you are going wrong with your message and help you craft a new one that you are super proud of, feel aligned when saying this to anyone who asks and most importantly, it will tell your clients exactly what you can do for them.

I am honest from the beginning and because I have so many women sign up to this I allocate a 2 hour slot on MESSENGER for us to make the magic happen. BUT I promise you that I will not stop coaching you until you get clear on your message.

If you want to ask any questions please feel free to email me abby.kedwell@yahoo.co.uk

and we can have a chat.

I welcome any female entrepreneur that has a message for the world. Lets get clear and stop the overwhelm.