What if I said 2018 is going to be YOUR year?

Would you believe me or would you roll your eyes and think you hear this every year?

I don’t know whether you get this too but I have a gut feeling that 2018 is going to be LIFE CHANGING! Not because of New Year resolutions but because of people like you setting intentions NOT goals. I see a lot of you now understanding that setting intentions takes time, energy and sheer belief in your inner power. More and more of us are choosing to work hard on ourselves and practising what we preach. There is a whole new generation of positive holistic guru’s that are learning more about themselves and then passing this knowledge onto others so they too can see the benefits of working from the inside out.

A movement of sorts. One that if nurtured properly it can become something wonderful that makes huge changes within a lot of lives. Self-development has been around for years but the increase this year alone of women actually growing their self-development routines is amazing and 2018 is looking to sky rocket. I have always known that working on yourself, your beliefs and your inner power is a good thing, it can develop you in a way that nothing else can. The more you understand about your core values, your desires and your beliefs the more likely that you will move away from feeling so stuck in todays society. We all have things we want to change and grow. It seems apparent that more women are taking this route because it yields results and sometimes very quick ones.

So why do I think its going to be your year?

Because I can see that you are going to take all the resources that appear to you, you are going to work on your inner power and you are going to start living an authentic life where you don’t have to hide your true colours anymore. You are going to fight the fear, you are going to take risks and most importantly you are going share with everyone around you how you managed to do it. Believe it or not…not everyone knows the secret to moving forward feeling stronger and more aligned. It is very simple. ‘YOU’ are the secret and no I am not going completely insane. lol. Knowing this secret gives you new power to enter 2018 with your head held high and your intentions on point. You have the tools to make this the best year to date – FACT!

So what will it be? Stay stuck?

Make the same mistakes over and over again till you give up? Hide away from your purpose and feel even more anxious and upset that you haven’t made the steps you promised yourself you would? OR do something about it? Actually dig deep and find out what makes you tick! Channel your anxieties into your purpose and make your mark on the world! Begin to create the life that you so truly want, desire and deserve!

New Years are new starts. We can face them head on with a new out look on life and show the universe exactly how we WANT to live. Change is good and it is possible.

If you feel like taking in some positive reading then take a look at these articles I have been reading.




Facing this New Year with a positive Mindset will help you stay focused, help you overcome those bad days and also help you work on YOU!!!

Is there anything I can do to help??

It just so happens that I have a WONDERFUL workbook that I created called Mindset Magic – Power Within. It is a action takers dream and it is currently only £10 over the holidays. To nab yourself a copy please email me at abby.kedwell@yahoo.co.uk and I will send you details.

That is my positive post to end 2017 and see 2018 in a smile and a wave.

Love and light to you all

Have a wicked Christmas and a happy New Year