Hello lovely ladies my name is Nix and I am a personal trainer.

I am not your ‘typical’ PT, I don’t wear skimpy lycra and live off rabbit food. I love food especially pizza and chocolate!

I have also had three (large) children which we all know what happens when you continually blow up a balloon, it looks like a wrinkly saggy mess. That is my stomach. I am a realist I won’t lie, if your stomach is left with excess skin after dramatic weight loss or pregnancy only surgery will fix this. But why not keep it as a reminder of your journey?

That’s what I do!!

Another main reason why I am not your typical PT is because I don’t exercise for weight loss or any body goals. I exercise for my mind! Exercise is a key component of Mindset work. It is scientifically proven that exercise releases happy hormones and helps regulate your serotonin levels. It is literally the bodies natural happy pill!

Have I always dreamt of being a PT? NO far from it.

I was at university studying Law. I was in my final year of my degree and had already qualified to be put on a special course that would have seen me remain at Uni for another year and do my masters and combine my LPC (I won’t bore you with what that means but it meant I was flying high at Uni let’s put it that way). However, my home life was far from settled due to a bitter breakup from my ex and our three children. I was in and out of court for several years. Then this was it, I was entering my third year of Uni and the final court case had been heard. My ex was not getting his grips on my kids to damage them. He would be having limited weekly access. It was over right?

Oh no it wasn’t!! I suddenly felt so overwhelmed I confided to my new partner that I was having ‘bad’ thoughts. He said chin up it’s over now, it is just the pressure of Uni and battling doing a law course with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. I left it at that!

I would drive to Uni and picture crashing my car and making it look an accident.

I sank deeper and deeper.

I started to work from home telling the tutors I was unwell. Then I am not sure how or what but I was certainly not me. I wrote the notes, I made provisions for the children to be picked up and I attempted to take my life. The paramedics declared I was seconds away from death when I was found (they had had to break through windows and doors to get to me and use a metal cutter thing to remove my rope as I had secured it that tight). This was no cry for help!

As you can see I was beyond rock bottom. To cut a long story short I was put on lists after lists for help. I quit university. I was seen by counsellors but they said my needs where too complex for them and I needed a psychologist, I was left waiting. (I waited 18 months for my appointment with a psychologist).

My GP suggested I go for walks!! Walks!! Face the outside world. No thank you. So I decided pop on a workout DVD one day (you know the ones you buy at new year and never actually use). Wow it was hard work physically but for those 20 minutes I realised all I thought about was my body and what it could or couldn’t do. I realised I hadn’t thought ‘bad’ thoughts. I felt euphoric, I felt proud, I felt strong and tired physically. I slept for 6 hours!!! Which at the time was a big thing for me. I continued to exercise and I mentioned it to my Dr and he explained the science of why it was helping.

I couldn’t believe no one had mentioned this when they had just left me to sit on waiting lists. I then got my final payment from student finance and I smashed my comfort zone to pieces. I booked myself on an intense training course to become a personal trainer. Now I have the pleasure of being able to spread the word and help others like myself realise the benefits exercise has on their mental health! One of the main things I ask my clients to do is to write how they feel before the workout and then again after. Every single person has seen a positive change! We don’t work out for the perfect bikini body (I enjoy pizza way too much for that) we workout as part of our Mindset work. We workout to make sure the happy hormones are pumping through our veins on a constant supply.

I still have bad days here and there and that’s how my life is, I learn to live with them. I learn to use exercise in my battle to live with depression and anxiety. I accept bad days will happen and I accept…

it is ok not to be ok!

It hasn’t been easy and it still isn’t at times. I still battle suicidal thoughts and I still have days where leaving the bedroom is not an option. But I don’t beat myself up over it. You get up you exercise and you realise


I now run an online personal training business. It is online for many reasons and one is that it enables me to always make sure I can be there for my clients, as even on a dark day lying in bed hiding from the world, I can still use my phone to motivate others. My business is called Head Strong Fitness and I hope you agree that the name reflects its purpose. Many years ago I thought my life and world was over and I had lost it all. My career was down the drain. Now look at me!!

IF I CAN DO THIS SO CAN YOU AND I AM HERE TO HELP YOU THROUGH IT …. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE…Feel free to sign up to my monthly newsletters by following this link




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