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Welcome beautiful soul,

P.S You’re Beautiful has been lovingly created to inspire women who suffer from anxiety and depression to pursue their passions, focus their creativity and balance their wellbeing. When you suffer everyday with dramatic highs and lows, feelings of worthlessness and crippling anxiety it can be overwhelming. I created psyourebeautiful to be somewhere that women felt safe, they could share their success stories with others and feel more empowered and inspired by the endless stream of content.

I designed each section to be a treasure trove of information that a anxious mind could devour and feel whole again. Mental illness has a huge place in my heart because I suffer myself, so creating this website for women who feel lost, unable to cope with everyday life and being able to read success stories from other women that also suffer, was a must.

To take it one step further I wanted to create a hive of excitement and inspiration to attract those women who know they are special, unique and in need of starting their own business ventures. Women that have huge hopes and dreams that their experiences will somehow help others to heal. Being a female entrepreneur is hard enough without the added pressure of a mental illness to contend with so having this as a safe haven was my plan.

It is my belief that EVERYONE has a purpose. We all have a gift that we should be sharing with the rest of the world.

If you can relate to any of this please take a peek, you may find something that inspires you to change your direction in life and finally start something you love.

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Love and Light

Abby xx